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To register as user on our web site you must have a valid email address. Email address is necessary to create an user account and to register your dogs to dog shows.

Please add our email address: office@acholtenia.ro to your contacts, to avoid that your messages end up in SPAM.

All emails sent to you from our server are sent automatically, by program.

To confirm that you indicated to us a valid email address, follow the link from the email received after registration.

If you don't have an email address, you can use a mandatory as your representative in the relationship with us.
Do not forget!
When registering your dog, you must present a document (proof) for the representative (if applicable).

After you clicked the button ”Register me” we will send you an email to the address you typed in the registration process. This email contains a link connection and usefull instructions. Follow the indications.

If you did not received the validation email (after you successfully registered as user), you may ask a validation email using “Validate my email“ from login menu.

According to the RKA Regulations for dog competitions, a contract will be concluded between the Client and the Organizer for registering in the competition.
Registering as user on the site acholtenia.ro means you signed the above contract (a “providing service“ contract).
After creating the new user, you will receive an email to validate your email address (which will contain a validation link).
Accessing this link means you validate your email address and concluding a “providing a registering service“ contract with our kennel club. We will send this contract to the mentioned email address.
An user having a valid email address is a valid user.

Fill out/check these fields, then click “Register me“ button to register you as user on acholtenia.ro

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I have read and agree to the contractual conditions of the RKA Regulations for dog competitions.
I have read and agree to the withdrawal conditions established in the RKA Regulations for dog competitions.
I have read and agree to the processing of personal data establised in the RKA Regulations for dog competitions.
.  Mandatory

You are mandatory if you represent the owner of a dog registered to our dog shows (because the owner does not have a valid email address)

We request you to type a security code (from image) to prove us that a human tries to register a new user, not a robot.

If you don't understand the security code from image, click on the icon next to the security code to get another security code.


Checking any of the boxes above has the meaning of an electronic signature, similar to a holographic signature.


All fields marked with * must be filled or checked.

To be successfully logged you need to have a valid email address.

If you have a validated email address and you did not received the contract of registration service in the Dog Competition, you may request this contract (after login) using “Send contract“ (click from login menu).

After you logged in you may modify user's data (not password) using the item “My Account“ from login menu.

To change the password use “Reset the password“.

To see your ENTRY FORM(s) use menu item “My Records“.

The fields Email Address and Password may not contain spaces.

The field Password is an alphanumerical field with maximum length of 12 characters.

The maximum length of the field Email Address is 45 characters.

Press the key Tab to go forward to the next field of the form, without using the mouse.

Press and hold down the key Shift and then press the key Tab to go back to the previous field of the form, without using the mouse.

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