Oltenia Kennel Club

This year the dogs registration will be only online at the address: https://www.acholtenia.ro.

To register a dog online at a show, you must Register you as a user on this site.

Romanian Kennel Association Regulations regarding dog competitions impose stricter rules from this year.

We remind you some of these rules (newer or older):

  • Dog registrations for competitions are only done online at https://www.acholtenia.ro.
  • We have to check the validity of the email address when registering users on our website. In this way, typing mistakes are avoided. The effect is re-registration for users already registered in previous years.
  • If you don't have an email address and you want to register your dog for the competition, you must contact a mandatory to represent you in the relation with us.
  • You have to accept a set of agreements (this acceptance having the meaning of an electronic signature) as following:
  • You must upload on the server readable electronic copies of important documents such as: power as mandatory Iif necessary), proof of payment of the participation fee, the page from the membership card with the up-to-date membership fee, dog's pedigree, champion/work certificate (if applicable), medical documents related to ear/tail clipping (if applicable), etc. See details about electronic copies required.

The entry fee must be paid before the dogshow day, at Banca Comercială Română, Dolj branch, for Oltenia Kennel Club (CUI: 13830286).

  • Bank Address: Romania, Dolj, Craiova, Oltet street, no.4


  • IBAN ACCOUNT NUMBER (EUR): RO60RNCB0134041630370005

If you registered your dog at a dogshow you must pay the entry fee even if, later, the dog does not participate at that dogshow.

Vezi aici repartizarea arbitrilor pe rase

 Files Upload

When you are registering ONLINE your dog you have to UPLOAD:

  • a file being a copy (image) of your Dog's Pedigree (document of origin recognized by FCI)
  • a file being a copy (image) of your payment document proving that you have paid the entry fee
  • a file being a copy (image) of the proof that, on the date of registration, the Beneficiary is an active member of a cynological organization recognized by the FCI
  • a file being a copy (image) of your Dog's Champion/Work Certificate(s) (if applicable)
  • a file being a copy (image) of the power of attorney to register the dog in the Competition (as mandatory, if applicable)
  • a file being a copy (image) of your medical proof document of tail and/or ear docking for curative purposes (if applicable)

To be accepted to upload the file size must be less than 1.5MB. We strongly recommend as file format for this file the PDF format, but are accepted to upload files formats like .jpg, .bmp, .png.

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