Oltenia Kennel Club

Brief History

Oltenia Kennel Club was created in 2001 year by some people hoping to contribute to the development of selected canine breeds. Oltenia Kennel Club, having a legal personality, is a non lucrative association.

In 2001 year our association became member of Romanian Kennel Club, so it respects the statute and the rules of Romanian Kennel Club and of Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organization).

From the beginning of our activity we are trying to attract to us the known breeders from Oltenia and, also, those who want to become breeders.

The passion for ”the best friend of the man” gathered us.

Every year our association, Oltenia Kennel Club, organizes national dog shows, working contests, also multi-breed and club selections.

About us

Oltenia Kennel Club is the only kennel club in Oltenia area that offers to its members the next services:

  • Organizing dog shows under the aegis of Romanian Kennel Club and FCI;

  • Furnishing of Pedigree Certificates for the dogs belonging to breeds accepted by FCI and for those dogs belonging to Romanian breeds that are waiting the approval of FCI;

  • Drawing up the legal forms needed by a dog owner to obtain the breeder affix from FCI;

  • Registering dogs and the delivery of legal forms required by police;

  • Putting a mark on dogs by tattoooing or by microcip;

  • Informing the members about annually expositional calendar;

  • Oltenia Kennel Club owns the database containing the standard males in Oltenia area;

  • Offering informations about the rules established by Oltenia Kennel Club, Romanian Kennel Club and FCI;

  • Notifications and advertisement about dogs covering, selling, buying;

Headquarters Address:
Romania, Dolj county, Craiova, Fratii Buzesti street, no. 25 (Building B)
Postal code: 200381
Work Program:
Monday - between 1630 and 18;    Wednesday - between 18 and 19;
Email: office@acholtenia.ro
Fiscal Code: 13830286
Banking Account: R071RNCB0134041630370001
open at BCR Dolj

Directorial Board of Oltenia Kennel Club

1. Gabriel Cojocaru

- president

2. Radu Teodor Ionescu

- vicepresident

3. Catalin Faurescu

- vicepresident cynologique

4. Cosmin Pretorian

- vicepresident for promotion cynologique

5. Victor Caracaleanu

- secretary

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