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Oltenia Kennel Club is the only kennel club in Oltenia area that offers to its members the next services:

  • Organizing dog shows under the aegis of Romanian Kennel Club and FCI;

  • Furnishing of Pedigree Certificates for the dogs belonging to breeds accepted by FCI and for those dogs belonging to Romanian breeds that are waiting the approval of FCI;

  • Drawing up the legal forms needed by a dog owner to obtain the breeder affix from FCI;

  • Registering dogs and the delivery of legal forms required by police;

  • Putting a mark on dogs by tattoooing or by microcip;

  • Informing the members about annually expositional calendar;

  • Oltenia Kennel Club owns the database containing the standard males in Oltenia area;

  • Offering informations about the rules established by Oltenia Kennel Club, Romanian Kennel Club and FCI;

  • Notifications and advertisement about dogs covering, selling, buying;

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